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* Qualifying transaction must post to and clear the Kasasa Accounts during the monthly qualification cycle. Transactions may take one or more banking days from the date the transaction was made to post to or clear an account. Transfers between your accounts with us do not count as qualifying transactions. 






Qualification Period

Purchases have to be POSTED to your account by these dates.

2020Statement Cycle Date  Prior Statement Cycle Date1 Business Day Prior to Current Statement Cycle
 JanuaryWednesday 12/12/181/7/2020
 January 8, 2020
 February Wednesday1/8/20202/11/2020
 February 12, 2020
 March Wednesday2/12/20203/10/2020
 March 11, 2020
 April Wednesday3/11/20204/7/2020
 April 8, 2020
 May Wednesday4/8/20205/12/2020
 May 13, 2020
 June Wednesday5/13/20206/9/2020
 June 10, 2020
 July Wednesday6/10/20207/7/2020
 July 8, 2020
 August Wednesday7/8/20208/11/2020
 August 12, 2020
September Wednesday8/12/20209/8/2020
September 9, 2020
 October Wednesday9/9/202010/13/2020
October 14, 2020
 November Wednesday10/14/202011/10/2020
November 11, 2020
 December Wednesday11/11/202012/8/2020
 December 9, 2020


* If you have any questions regarding the statement cycle dates please call or stop by one of our locations and speak with one of our employees. *