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TSB - One of 359 Safest Banks in America

Shown in Effingham Teutopolis News Report by Herb Meeker:

A perfect safety score for Teutopolis State Bank deals more with customer trust than mopping the lobby floor.

According to InvestingAnswers, the bank with facilities in Teutopolis and Sigel has a perfect safety rating based on a ratio developed in Texas to predict bank failures three decades ago. In this case, a zero rating is perfect because it indicates no failure risk. Teutopolis shares this distinction with 359 out of 7,300 banks in the United States. It is among 22 Illinois banks outside Chicago gaining a perfect rating on the list.

"We saw it on MSN on the internet. This is the first time I've heard of this list," said TSB president Tom Runde. "We've been mentioned on different banking lists for a number of years. And being on this latest one is a matter of trust for our customers.

The Texas Ratio was developed by a Gerald Cassidy of RBC Capital Markets in the 1980s to accurately predict bank failures during that decade. It was later applied to New England to predict bank failures in the 1990s. The listing is now able to predict the reliability of banks across the country.

Started in 1913, the Teutopolis State Bank has not run into misfortune from its founding date. At the end of March, TSB had a total capital of $23.6 million and assets of $193 million - not bad for a bank based in a town with 1,600 residents. "We have a lot of people in our area able to save their money," said Runde. "We are also very advanced in technology with mobile banking. We're not just about brick and mortar."

Many small-town banks in Illinois made the list released by InvestingAnswers, including Arcola First Bank, The Bank of Lawrence County, Nashville Savings Bank, Peoples  Bank of Macon and Midland Community Bank of Kincaid.

"[Making this list] is a good selling point we can make to our customers. It shows we are safe. And we do make sure about keeping the floors dry for our customers...that's a must," Runde said.